Congratulate your Teacher of the Year!


Don’t even get me started… Mr. Yip is one of a kind. You’ll never find another like him. He is the best teacher, who stays after and comes before school starts to help students who need extra help and is always available through email. On my first day of class that I had with him, I noticed such a difference between him and other teachers, and was in awe(went home that day telling my family how amazing I thought he was) and already knew he was gonna be the best teacher that year, which turned out to be an understatement because he went so above and beyond with his teaching, the way he runs his class, and just Mr. Yip being Mr. Yip, that he easily became my favorite teacher ever. He is the most caring, giving, and genuine person, who is always thinking of others. He would always ask about the sport that I was involved with, and would attend the Comedy Improv club shows that I was in. In addition, he’d always keep our minds thinking with his different illusions in class. It was so special when he’d stand outside his door every day and greet everyone when they walked in for class. Mr. Yip is the best part of Bonita and what keeps it together. Even though the title may not be given, he is the “Teacher of the Year”, every year <3 *had to get a selfie with the celebrity at Homecoming 2019, of course*


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