Congratulate your Teacher of the Year!


Congratulations Mr.Yip! I’m so happy to hear that you have been selected for “Teacher of the Year.” You are my favorite teacher and math wiz at Bonita. I won’t ever forget how you donated a pair of Nike running sneakers to every foster youth at our school. As a foster youth, this touched my heart and made me feel that someone actually cared about us. Your acts of kindness and compassion deserves to be recognized by others. You’re the epitome of a leader, mentor, and a passionate teacher. I won’t ever forget how you showed up to my dance show senior year when none of my family did, you’re a real one! I am now a junior in college and you still keep in touch reminding me that I am capable of anything. I appreciate all the letters of recommendation you wrote for me and the times you have shared your words of wisdom. Keep inspiring students to be the best version of themselves and have that mamba mentality as a person and as an athlete! You’re The G.O.A.T.

Chasley (Chaz) Schoettle


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